Heated Bags

These are the details of the heated bags (heating pads):

  • The heater runs on 12-volt
  • On the bag is a 3-pin XLR plug
  • Whith the heated bag comes an extension cable that allows you to connect the bag to the cigarette lighter socket in the car.
  • There is an adapter available that allows you to preheat the bag in your shop at 230V AC.
  • The bags remain hot as long as they are connected to 12-volt, and the temperature will be about 65-70 degrees Celsius.
  • Clean with a damp warm cloth.
  • The bags have a 6 months guarantee where they are normally used and cleaned. Holes, damage and excessive wear, dirt and moisture are not covered by the warranty. No guarantee is given to cables and connectors.
  • Upon overheating of the plug in the car, you need to clean the lighter socket or light polishing. If you keep the contact problems, you can order a cable that connects directly to the battery. The cigarette lighter plug in your car is not suitable for higher power (100-170 watts).

Our latest models:
Have a 12 volt removable heating element in a case with a plug.
With this heatingpad there should be no problems with the car connection.

  • Place the pad on the bottom of our bags (our latest bags have an extra pouch with velcro closing)
  • 12 volts DC
  • 100 watts of power
  • The 230-volt adapter fits also
  • Shipped with a car cigarette lighter cable
  • then rapidly heated to 65-70 degrees C
  • It consists of a solid sheet of aluminum
  • Firms thus also of the bags bottom
  • Loose weight about 350 grams

  • Can be removed so that the bag can be washed in the washing machine (wash lukewarm)
  • Makes a heated bag out of every other bag.

  • Our heated bags come with a sewn pouch with Velcro where the element fits in and can be easily removed.