New! Nylon Bags with Magnet closing & DLiVR bags with glued isolation

Since 2019 we also sell Pizza bags and Lunchbags made out of nylon with Magnet closing flaps.
Some products are already in the shop, but not all of them.
The costs are a bit higher than the Cordura Bags with Velcro closure.

This is also the reason our pricing has been changed.


Our DLiVR Bags are made with the newest material and production methodes;

High-quality polyester on the outside
By using polyester and nylon, a strong exterior is guaranteed. The fabric is colourfast and can be cleaned with water and sieve, benzene or even thinner. the weave sleeve is reinforced by a PVC lower back.

Foam filling
Polyheter foam as an intermediate layer for the base material provides the desired thickness. The thickness of 7mm makes the covers unique!
Because this foam is glued to the polyester layer, we get a strong construction, which ensures that the covers do not collapse like a pudding, when it is not around the boxes.

Woven cloth on the inside.
On the inside, black, woven cloth is also glued to the foam. Wear-resistant, black and super strong! Gluing these 3 materials results in a basic material, unique and perfectly suitable for bags of the best quality.