100 Litre Thermobox

large volume: 49cm x 49cm, 42cm height (inner dimensions)

100 Litre Thermobox
100 Litre Thermobox
100 Litre Thermobox
100 Litre Thermobox
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Thermo box details
  •    large volume: 49cm x 49cm, 42cm height (inner dimensions)
  •    light weight: only 5kg
  •    best insulation effect
  •    cold and hot food transported in separate temperature zones
  •    changeable advertising panels
  •    highly robust and equipped with a lock
  •    100 % food-safe

Temperature zones & insulation
The highly insulating material keeps your pizza piping hot and crispy, even during winter with low outside temperatures.
Slide in dividers create separated temperature zones keeping cold dishes cold and hot meals hot. It also avoids your deliveries being squashed by one another.
You can also use the full inner height of 42cm when you remove the slide in dividers.

Our recommendation:
the Heatpack heat storage is the perfect add-on for the thermo box.
They keep your deliveries hot for up to 45 minutes.
(65° C suggested by DIN for delivered food, tested at -3° C)

Advertising space on thermo box
The Thermobox 100 Liter is perfect for displaying your adds.
Four advertising panels can be slid in easily and changed within minutes.

The thermo box is theft-proof mounted with a minimum of installation work.
The universal-mounting plate can be used with a variety of scooters, electric bikes, etc.

The thermo box 100 Liter complies with German hygiene directives.
The material is food safe and rounded inner edges allow easy cleaning.